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  • We lost the War…

    We are all depressed about it and have no hope of turning the cult of personality off . The microphones they use to whisper to us assuring where insane is on in our brains.

    We are P O W and are trying to keep up moral…And tolerate the mind rape while we sleep work and drive pray sing etc etc

    What ever U do don’t smoke , so what do I do , smoke..thanks anyway yul BrinerSong…I am happy to be stuck with you babe said Nigel his first name is….

  • Lucky hover..

    When finally my brother and I and mum went on holiday to Uluru there was an army helicopter flying over we thought we would be rescued but alas , no go

  • About to be me…

    Listen lucky you are in a cult and the boss knows where U r but he likes you , if U go near me this would be the worst place for U they experiment got his dad off to save angels so we can save them all Amen ..xxo M

  • Lucky your with Ami…

    U r a mouse don’t fly over my house and play again..carpe diem iris fat pig is hated by the Bikie cult God said somepeople are not ment to be in heaven it’s going to burn…what then do I need to do to them, don’t ask me anything regarding this matter please contact me at least if you have any investors

  • Amazon Woman who cares about you again just at the bus stop near the cult classic..

    Today a lady was bashed they said she knows her attacker near carpe diem they are all set up

  • Med head school of Business administration MBA candidate class of personality cult classic..

    Charlotten st port Adelaide SA Bikie cult gang members to catch up with you again ok 🆗👍👍

    I love 💕 med head blondie but I don’t love the charlotten school for fools Day weekend

  • Terrorist Attacks….

    Hitler’s Descendants the devil worshipping terrorist copied peaceful Germany s cult..He copies personality s he broke into Germany’s cult and mind raped me and put me in jail cell cult of personality cult…

  • Extortion Experts…..

    Hitlers Descendants are insane I’d rather peace with them over war and that I did have them peace freedom love understanding and all I ask for is 20000 for a book chook and mini series they get me for it noone else and the mediums can’t even relay that fuck off from me and my brother we are war heroes and heroines.

  • Extortion

    G wiz threaten me again U fkn pieces of medium shit dog shit sandwiches I hate it when people write on here and can’t spell..

    The smart tv.s are good but they use it for evil they just threatens telepathy..fuck off all mediums except for the real ones best in the world ..relay this

  • 5.52 am

    First time I showed a poster of scar at carpe diem they said wow but didn’t want to mass produce it they have there own supplier.its only a ruling spirit of the universe and been in a dream with Allison Dubois and I. She was on ice my old white cat , she smiled at us , Allison pulled me away from her Allison said not to go and say hello.

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